Troubleshoot Uninstall ImunifyAV Antivirus on VPS

Asked 2 years ago (Jun 13, 2022) in the field of VPS Hosting by Joshua Bishop

I have installed ImunifyAV antivirus on VPS, but I do not need it anymore. How can I uninstall it?


Answered 2 years ago (Jun 13, 2022) by Eldernode Staff

To uninstall ImunifyAV antivirus in cpanel on VPS:

First stop the ImunifyAV application by running following command:

systemctl stop imunify-antivirus

If you’ve removed the imav-deploy.sh installation script, download it again to uninstall the program with the following link:

wget https://repo.imunify360.cloudlinux.com/defence360/imav-deploy.sh

Finally uninstall ImunifyAV by the following command:

bash imav-deploy.sh --uninstall

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