How to use Tor on Ubuntu?

Asked 4 weeks ago (Feb 06, 2021) in the field of Operating Systems by Hilmi

Hi, could you please guide me on how to use Tor on my internal network? Is it possible to install it on my Ubuntu server and use it on other computers?



Answered 4 weeks ago (Feb 07, 2021) by Eldernode Staff

We suggest static the IP of that system in the router.
After installing Tor and contracting it at system runtime services, you should open its configuration file and look for SocksPort

Then change it to SocksPort

Now you need to restart the Tor service once to apply the changes.

Note that if you have a firewall on the system, add port 9050 to the firewall.

From now on, Tor will be available on socks with the IP of that system and port 9050. 

For example

If you have a static IP for that network, you can put the IP of that system in the DMZ or modem forwarding port and connect to it anywhere through the Internet.

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