Eliminate the yellow triangle appeared after installing SSL certification?

Asked 3 years ago (Apr 04, 2021) in the field of Network and security by Berkay

HelloI have installed SSL certificate on my website and after a while, the green lock is replaced with a yellow triangle. The message of ”Part of this page is not secure” is appeared. Please tell me the reason and the solution. Best wishes to your Team.


Answered 3 years ago (Apr 04, 2021) by Eldernode staff

Dear Berkay


The yellow triangle may appear because of links or images that are addressed with http. To solve it, check all the links and change if necessary. You may want to disable SSL. To do this, you can delete http or https and : 

Then start the link with // to let them work better.


According to the following example instead of:

<img src="https://forum.mihanwebserver.com/images/mylogo/my_logo.png">


<img src="https://forum.mihanwebserver.com/images/mylogo/my_logo.png">

You can Enter as follows:

<img src="//forum.mihanwebserver.com/images/mylogo/my_logo.png">

I guess you can solve it with this solution. If not, please let me know to check again.


Good Luck

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